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Ruyi village people burned the forest and the fields, exhausted and fished, and the river god was sent to punish. I dont know the Jiangzi tooth in the house, I mistakenly thought that the river god privately slaughtered the people, so he suppressed it and accidentally injured the villagers during the battle. Unexpectedly, this was in violation of the immortal rules. Jiang Ziya was punished for being bombarded by Tianlei for fifteen days. He still refused to admit his mistakes. He was rescued by the ancestors and was rescued by the Qingyi and met with the villagers of Ruyi Village. Unexpectedly, the river god broke through the seal, Jiang Ziya was to restore the power of the gods, and went to the Fengling Mausoleum to retrieve the whip, and put down the obstinating epiphany to win the battle with the river god. Finally, Jiang Ziya asked Tian Zun to abduct the body of the mortal to the river. In the year, in exchange for the rebirth of the victims, they will spend their lives for the world.
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