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Chief of the ‘Special Crime Unit’, OH Gu-tak, looks for the former gangster, PARK Woong-chul, whom he had worked with before, and recruits a con artist, KWAK No-soon, and a convicted cop, KO Yoo-sung in the new team. With new blood, the ‘Bad Guys’ have become stronger and tougher. As they dig deeper into the case, they sense that a much bigger crime organization is behind it all and they begin the hunt for bad guys…
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Main Actors:
Actor Photo
Ma Dong-seok
Park Woong-chul
Actor Photo
Kim Sang-joong
Oh Gu-tak
Actor Photo
Kim Ah-joong
Kwak No-soon
Actor Photo
Jang Ki-yong
Ko Yoo-sung
Actor Photo
Park Hyo-joon
Yoon Chul-joo
Actor Photo
Kim In-woo
Actor Photo
Lee Jae-yoon
Skull tattoo
Actor Photo
Park Won-sang
Jo Dong-chul
Actor Photo
Jo Young-jin
No Sang-shik
Actor Photo
Park Hyoung-soo
Park Sung-tae
Actor Photo
Park Sang-wook
Kim Chang-min
Actor Photo
Kang Ye-won
Yoo Mi-young
Actor Photo
Jo Dong-hyuk
Jung Tae-soo
Actor Photo
Kim Hye-yoon
Gu-tak's daughter
Actor Photo
Gong Jeong-hwan
Nam Myung-seok
Directed by:Yong Ho Son
Added on:November 6, 2019 (9 months ago)
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